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Cerita Optimis Paling Baru

Such a view is not a critical principle for the typical man of independent, insightful and has a view of the distant future, logically typical guy likes women who have the following specifications: a) His religion was significant b) menpunyai views and ways of thinking that adult c) Feminism ( the gentle-spoken, and has properties to-Ibuan) d) Have a strong commitment to ethics and e) Standard physical, genetic, and also standard view of the above material does not mean to exclude that the guy does not like beautiful women, 

Cerita Optimis handsome, rich of course it it is not statistically independent trait possessed by most men, because surely all men want to have a woman like that but it was just based on a whim that is false, and definitely not for the long-term desire because if ever there was one who put her beauty and his seed and his wealth alone then it just comes down to one-sided in the sense and specific goals he wanted to achieve and he reversed it for women who have a foundation ae we have mentioned above because the guy who's obsessed with pretty, 

position and this matter is a man who never feel satisfied and he will always be looking for new prey to what he had owned a woman in terms of the side of it and not the other side to be able to cover each other's shortcomings and mutually utilize their respective strengths. In view of the man, "she is a figure of a princess or a queen" is a phrase that is short the importance of the figure of a woman for Adam. So special about that title can not be denied because it is not directly a woman is the most important part of the Adam. Like a Samurai, "a woman is a diamond" to hone the sharpness of the samurai, because the importance of the 

position and status of a woman he has a strategic place in the eyes of men. Not surprisingly, many of the men who become weak because of his love to be conservative due to being deceived by a woman even doubt if the respondent is intentionally stocking charm woman who did just want to make the men look so hypnotized female figure is so appealing to men to be deceived by all keeksotikannya. 

Given the above simulation actually let women be motivated men so they are more in the spirit of spurring future congruent, especially for those who are married. If, women have equal standing with men of course it can not be committed in acc-kan sebagain because even though there may be women who have the ability estabilitas but more in the sense, that ability will not be commensurate with the ability possessed by men equivalent because not mean to be aligned by the role that is to be borne by men. 

Actually no one if she wants also to compete with men if there were mostly people who judge it is a natural thing and is the emancipation of women however, it certainly can not be justified if the woman looked frail men and women want to be leading position that wants to lead the men of course this is not directly make men is as subordinate meaningless, because women who have the authority and command so freely to regulate men. 

If so do not seyogyangnya for men to dwell and feel he is having more ability than women, certainly it should not be displayed as a complication of great men more than women. Furthermore in order to avoid imbalances dedukatif then he must have the ability to be able to lead and multi accompanying advantages possessed woman was not a flashy lines and make it shadowed her, a bright line that can be an important dimension to be bersejajaran with women and can make she can apply what she had.

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